Monday, April 26, 2010

What works best for acne scars; mederma, bio-oil, vitamin e, or emu oil?

I am completely lost. Well im leaving on a cruise in about 1 1/2 month. I have acne scars from previous breakouts and ive looked for solutions and have found a couple. Which will give me the best results: mederma, bio-oil, vitamin e, or emu oil? I dont want to use something that will make me breakout. Any opinions? (not interested in any medical procedure)|||Mederma is a topical gel that has a botanical extract (made from onions). It should help to reduce the visibility of your acne scars over the next 6 weeks. Depending on how old the scars are it might take a little longer. I work with the product and I%26#039;d be happy to send you a sample. (|||100% aloe vera gel.|||Try Rose Hip oil (or Rose Hip Seed Oil), it effectively reduces scars caused by acne, surgery, burns, chicken pox, injuries and cuts.

Rose Hip Oil%26#039;s potent cell regenerating and wound-healing properties help to replace ugly scar tissue with healthy, normal skin. It not only remodels damaged skin structure, it also improves skin color and elasticity.

Rose Hip seed oil is a pressed seed oil, extracted from the seeds of a rose bush (Rosa rubiginosa) which grows wild in the southern Andes.

It is unique among vegetable oils in containing retinol (Vitamin A). Rose hip seed oil is high in the essential fatty acids - linoleic acid or omega-3, and linolenic acid or omega-6. It is commonly used in skin care products.It is used for a variety of skin conditions, including dermatitis, acne and eczema, for mature and sun burnt skin as well as brittle nails.

Rose Hip Oil can help you look better than ever before. It has been used for centuries by the people of Chile. Scientific investigation into its properties began in the 1970s. Today its remarkable effects are recognized globally and it is recommended by dermatologists, skin specialists and cosmetic surgeons.

Read more about it here:鈥?/a>|||good question!! Emu oil does help its has good moisturising properties. Aloe vera and properlis is meant to be good as it has anti bacterial properties.

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