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How long does it take to heal acne scars? How can we cure it in natural way?

Acne scars truly are embarrassing and unpleasant. A natural way to get rid of them is to take vitamin E supplements. I have been taking Kyani Sunset, a product my mom came across, which is a omega-3/ tocotrienol(vitamin E) supplement. While taking that, along with Kyani sunrise (a rich antioxidant ), I%26#039;ve noticed that my acne cleared up, and scars from my acne healed as well. I really recommend it!

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How do i get rid of post-acne scars?

My skin is pretty clear now, but I have some moderate scaring left on my cheeks. They are purpley/red. Are there any natural ways to get rid of these scars or at least make them less noticeable?

Thanks :)|||actually, my dermotologist told me that acne scars become lighter and lighter as you get older. (thats y you don%26#039;t see that many older people with acne scars. But to speed up that process it is great to exfoliate your skin. There are some creams that claim to help, but I don%26#039;t really think they work. Just exfoliate and cover them up with a light makeup. Noone will even know :)|||you can use pure vitamin e oil, pure coco butter sticks or merderma. you can buy all these items at any store like walgreens, rite aid, target etc... rub them on your scars 3-4 times a day, use sun block to help prevent the scars from darkening while in the sun and you should start to see results in a few weeks, altho it takes a while like maybe a few months for them to completely disappear.|||Vitamin E prevents acne or pimple scarring and can also be used to fade old scars. Use cucumber or other fruit and vegetable packs to cure pimple scars. More such solutions at|||try bio oil? good for stretchmarks and scars.|||i want to no how to, too

ima stay on this question until someone that sounds smart gets me to find the right answer

thanks for asking.|||you can%26#039;t really get rid of scars, that%26#039;s why they call them scars|||It won%26#039;t go but you can try to put the colour on ur skin blush :)|||your dermatologist will prob. have cream or something...|||?|||scars are scars, sorry :(|||i dunno.. maybe u can get some laser treatment

How do I get rid of chicken pox scars?

I had them on the last week of may. my brother somehow infected me even though i didn%26#039;t even touch or go near him. its been so many weeks and school is about to start, and its very ugly. i don%26#039;t think i scratched any so there shouldn%26#039;t be any scars right? though many scabs came off when im sleeping and rolling on the bed a lot. there at 2 on my leg that have turned black, which i pulled the scabs off myself because its been 6 weeks after all the other ones fell off and it was so dark. is it too late to get rid of them?|||If the scars are deep they will always be with you,You can%26#039;t get rid of the scars unless you would have some type of plastic surgery done. I know a lot of people who have scars from the chicken pox. It sounds like you really had them bad. My son was 16 when he got them and he got them from his sister. He came down with them in June and his last scab didn%26#039;t fall off until October. He was hospitalized for them because he had them so very bad. We almost lost him. That was 18 years ago. |||I think they should heal without scaring. Most people I know have had chicken pox. I don%26#039;t know anyone with scars from it.

When using retin a for acne scars, how long did it take for the scars to go away?

and tell me some side affects of retin a too please.|||There is this new popular cream that people have been talking about.

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I hope this helps. =)|||The natural ways to remove scars are easy and safe. Find out about different natural acne scar removal methods and decide which method is best suited for you. Following are some of the effective tips of removing acne scars in a natural way.

Water plays a vital role in the natural acne scar removal process. Drink sufficient water and regular intake of water helps the skin to retain its natural moisture and removes the dead cells. It also helps to form new cells of the skin and hides the acne scars. Drinking enough water helps to flush out the toxins and results into glowing skin.Prepare a home pack by mixing rose water and sandalwood and apply it on the scars. You can also use aloe Vera or natural seed oils for the removal of acne scars in a natural way.

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Should i go a dermatologist for my acne scars?

or do you rather recommend me an over the counter prodct i could use to treat them.|||Please... go to a dermatologist ASAP. Don%26#039;t spend your money on over the counter products.|||well when u get scars that kinda means u pop them way too much, or u%26#039;ve been using your fingernails, if u pop a zit, put a piece of toilet paper on each finger so no bacteria will go inside, i would suggest talking to your dermatologist for advice as well|||yess. i have scars from my acne and i take these light pills prescribed to me by my dermatologist and they are almost all gone!|||Yes. The dermatologist can prescribe something strong to make your acne scars go away such as pills or creams.|||Definitely!|||yeah, i guess so. I think you are right with your assumption.|||OF COURSE! do you want to go around in public like that?

Can Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid help hide acne scars completely?

Im 16. I have no idea about make up seeing as I am a boy.. but I want to hide my acne scars and I am fine wearing it if it helps hide them for now.

I want my skin to be smooth and perfect, so how do I use it? It%26#039;s a foundation, I know that much. Will it help? And if so do I have to use concealer too? Im confused :S

Please help (:|||for acne scar used Mac Studio Finish Concealer is a creamy concealer that goes nice smooth on your face very lightweight but good enough to cover scars blemishes on your skin use makeup first on the top dab with your fingers the mac concealer they sell it at Macy%26#039;s store is a little expensive but worth it you cannot find a good concealer as this in any drugstore

also you can try to use Vitamin E oil to for your scar everyday 2 times a day this is good to eliminate scars.|||Hi,

I would try to cure it rather than hide it.

The watery gel from Aloe Vera plant is a highly effective natural cure against Acne. The enzyme-rich gel has very soothing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It can also be taken internally and helps clean up and detox the digestive tract. This in turn can help clear up the skin.

Gel or juice of Aloe Vera is highly useful in fading of acne scars. You can grow Aloe Vera plant in your home and apply freshly taken pure Aloe Vera gel to your scar. Otherwise many branded cosmetic companies manufactures pure Aloe Vera gel, so you can choose the best cosmetic companies to get Aloe Vera gel.

Vitamin A is also a natural and effective Acne cure. Vitamin A promotes healthy skin.

Vitamin E also helps in countering Acne. It is a natural antioxidant and beneficial for the skin.

Oil is obtained from the Melaleuca alternifoliais tree from Australia. It is very effective against Acne as it contains bacteria-fighting substances called Terpenes. Acne is often caused by bacteria and the Terpenes either outright kill them or weaken them enough to be destroyed by protective antibodies. There are very little side effects from using Tea Tree Oil.

For more information check out the website鈥?/a> . You%26#039;ll see the ingredients are 99.9% Pure Aloe Vera Gel with %26#039;Vitamins A,C %26amp; E%26#039; and with %26#039;Tea Tree%26#039;.

Hope this helps keep your acne %26amp; scars at bay!!|||LOL no I have it and it is a nice foundation but doesn%26#039;t give you much cover get a conceler!!|||A doubt it i use that stuff sometimes and its quite a light foundation. Cant you just use the matte mousse but use concealer n all|||Use concealer underneath as well :)

How long does vitamin E take to heal scars?

ive been using Vitamin E oil and Bio-Oil on my mesquito bite scars and some are dark and some are very light

when will i see a difference?

please answer my question! :)|||It varies from person to person. Your scars may never completely go away, although using Vitamin E does help the healing process.

For me, it took three or four months for me to finally see a difference, but I know some people who started to notice a difference within two or three weeks.